Rabies Found in Raccoon in Highlands Ranch

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On Wednesday, July 3rd, 2014, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment confirmed rabies in a baby raccoon from the Littleton/Highlands Ranch (80126) area in Douglas County. Residents are reminded that feeding wildlife is prohibited under Colorado Revised Statutes and Lone Tree City Ordinance. While rabies have not been detected in wildlife in Lone Tree, please be alert to any unusual behavior exhibited by wild animals. Examples of abnormal behavior include aggression, walking as if drunk, circling, or loss of a natural fear of humans.

If you suspect something unusual in a wild animal, you are asked to contact Lone Tree Police Department Animal Control at 303-339-8150.

In addition to vaccinating your pets, the Tri-County Health Department recommends that residents follow these precautions to prevent exposure to rabies:

  • Do not feed wild animals. Store household garbage in a secure location; fence or screen vegetable gardens and orchards; and place bird feeders where they are not accessible to other animals. Keep pet food inside and do not leave livestock feed containers open.
  • Do not touch or handle wild animals. Most wild animals try to avoid human contact. If an animal lets you get close or pick it up, it is probably unhealthy or dangerous. Teach children to leave wildlife alone.
  • Protect your home from wildlife. Close holes around the foundation of your house; cover window sills; screen chimneys and vents; and seal cracks and holes larger than 1/4 inch in diameter. Remove debris on your property that could provide nesting areas for wildlife.
  • Maintain control of your pets. Keep your cat indoors or attach a bell to its collar to discourage it from hunting. Keep your dog under direct supervision. Do not allow your dog to run off-leash in parks or wilderness areas.

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