Welcome to the June edition of the 2014 Denver Real Estate Market Newsletter.

Home Buyers Get a Second Chance at Low Rates

Economists and real estate professionals expected mortgage interest rates to soar in 2014; the overall economy has been improving and the US Federal Reserve has been unwinding their fiscal stimulus program. Six months ago, interest rates for a 30 year fixed rate mortgage were 4.5%. Today, mortgage interest rate have retreated to 4.15%. Buyers, this may be your last chance to take advantage of historically low rates.

low rates

When mortgage interest rates increase, housing affordability decreases. For an example, a 1.0% interest rate increase equates to a 10% loss in affordability. These low rates won’t last long! Read More


The Doorway to Nowhere?

Do you have an access door to the crawl space under your basement floor? Afraid to open the door in fear of what you may find down in that dark, dreary space? Truth be told, this is one door you should never ignore, it is essential to your home’s health. Each month you should peek into the crawl space to ensure the sump pump pit has a normal water level and the crawl space ventilation system is working properly.

Crawl space access linoleum

  • Water is your foundation’s worst enemy. Homes built in areas with silty soils often times have a perimeter drain, built near the bottom of a foundation wall, to wick water away from the foundation
  • If you have a sump pit, it is essential that the water level in the sump pit be below the perimeter drain pipe. If the water level is above drain pipe, the sump pump float may need to be adjusted or the sump pump may not be working at all.
  • Always check your sump pump during and after large storm events
  • I recommend installing a sump pump alarm to alert you of a sump pump failure. The Zoeller 10-1494 A-Pak Indoor Alarm System can be bought at for just $77. Cheap insurance considering that the cost to clean up and repair water damage can run in the tens of thousands of dollars

sump pit

Note: Not all homes will have a sump pit, not all sump pits require a sump pump.



Watch Out For Storm Chasers and Out-of-State Contractor Scams

Colorado has seen its fair share of severe weather this year. Unfortunately, unscrupulous contractors ‘chase’ these storm events, going door-to-door, looking to make a quick buck and often times leaving the homeowner with subpar work, partially completed work, or repairs that never take place because the contractor left town.


Take these steps to protect yourself:

  • Only work with local, reputable companies
  • Do your research and check the following:
    • Contractor rating with the Better Business Bureau
    • Contractor is licensed to work in the City in which you live
    • Verify the contractor’s insurance and workman’s comp coverage
    • Call the contractor’s suppliers to verify history of paying their bills
  • Ask for contractor’s references and call several references to ensure they were satisfied with the contractor’s performance.
  • Ask for a lien waiver from the contractor. If the contractor doesn’t pay their suppliers, sub-contractors or employees may file a lien against your property.
  • Better yet, call me for Contractor referrals.

Read more



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May Stats for June NL chart



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